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cssWhy use a link shortener?

Link shortener makes your long ugly url into beautiful and readable. It will boost your sales and provides branding to your product.

cssWhat will happen if I wasn't able earn enough to be paid?

You can wait until you got enough balance to request payment. Rest assured that your balance will stay safe until you request payment.

cssDo you have a referral program? How much does it pay?

Yes, we do. We provide referral program and give more opportunities to earn money more than you can imagine.

cssHow to withdrawal money?

Withdrawal can be made by requesting payment inside your account panel. There'll be menu Request Payment for you to click.

cssCan you stop someone shrinking my URL?

We provide link shortener and let anyone shrink their URL on their own. But rest assured that the shortened URL will not have any effect on your website, instead it will give more additional traffics.

cssWhy my views/earnings are not counting?

In case of providing fair trade, all earnings/views will be counted after the shortened URL successfully redirected to your original URL. We count it as one complete cycle.

cssHow to create shorten link?

You can Register Here and after that you can login and create the shorten link inside your account panel.


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